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How do i buy books?

We have several options for students to get their textbooks.

The first, best and cheapest way is to come into the store and pick them up.  We have modified our pricing to mirror online sites like Amazon, Ebay, and other book retailers.  We are grading our books according to condition and national demand, and we are pricing them accordingly.  For example, the chart to the right shows the price structure on a theater book we currently have in stock.  

We offer you lots of options, from the semester long 120 day rental to a cram session 1 day rental.  You can buy your book, or rent if for any period of time you need it.  We are here to help you get the cheapest book price, and we want you to get the book you need for the time you need it.  We offer rental periods from 1 day to 120 days.  Check the chart for the exact rental periods and discounts associated with each rental period.   

Typically with our rentals, you should be able to get all the books you need for less than $300 each semester, depending on your classes.  If you spend more than that on books, well, you have spent too much.  

Prices do vary from book to book, and we are running special prices on certain books each semester.  For example, last semester we offered a $40 semester rental on a $175 book--75% off.    These prices are more than competive with any online site, and we are doing our best to keep our customers and friends coming back in the store instead of sending the money out of town.   As for finding prices online, with the current pricing structure it would be a nightmare to find a price online because, as you can see on the chart, each book could be bought or rented for as many as 60 different prices.

The second and quickest option is to buy an E-Book.  We have partnered with RedShelf to deliver e-book alternatives to our students.  You can rent or buy these books as well.  Click here for pricing and more information.