StudyMaster Books was founded in 1993 by freshly graduated college students who were planning on going to law school but decided they were tired of school.  Austin Peay provided a great opportunity to grow and thrive, and 25 years later we are still here.  We have grown and expanded from around 1000 square feet to engulfing the entire 5500 square foot building that we started in.    

Normal hours: Open Monday-Thursday from 830am to 5pm. 

                                Open Fridays 830 to 4pm

‚ÄčOpen Saturday January 12 10-3

Open Sunday January 13 --Call

Open 8a to at least 6p Monday to Thursday the first week of class

Open 8a to 5 Friday January 17

Regular hours 830-5 M-Th and 830-4 on Fridays

Holiday Hours--Please call as we may be closed or close early.

Our Team